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Pick the Payment has been around since 2006 and is driving on as strong as ever. Based in Chicago, but helping people all over the country, Pick the Payment is the go-to website for an inexpensive used car or new car. If you need a low downpayment car, then you need to contact Pick the Payment. This easy to use website will connect you with a dealer who understands what it takes to help consumers find a car, truck, van or SUV that fits their budget.

Even if you have had a previous court action or have bad car credit, Pick the Payment car dealers know how to get you into a vehicle that will keep you smiling.


No Charge Diagnosis Now at World Hyundai Matteson

Here’s some terrific news for World Hyundai Matteson customers! You’ve always been able to bring your car to the dealership for Hyundai service when something’s amiss. Now, though, when your car’s acting up, just bring it in for a no charge diagnosis. The problem will be identified by the techs in the World Hyundai Service Department. Sure, you’ll still need to pay for the repair itself, but World Hyundai service and repair charges are always reasonable and fair. And, you won’t need to pay anything just to find out what’s going on.

Great Vehicles Available

Hyundai goes to a lot of trouble to ensure its vehicles are as dependable as possible in addition to being safe, fuel-efficient, comfortable and fun to drive. The manufacturing processes, quality parts, skilled labor and quality control procedures Hyundai uses means every Hyundai car, SUV and van has outstanding quality and excellent reliability.
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World Hyundai Matteson has a World-Class Service Department Too

Every vehicle eventually needs service, repairs and maintenance, no matter how well it’s built, no matter how reliable it is, and no matter how much it cost when brand new. Well, even though they’re less expensive than many other manufacturers’ cars, the vehicles Hyundai makes are well-constructed and extremely reliable. But even a Hyundai needs the occasional oil change. And sooner or later, Hyundai brake service becomes important.

Naturally, those aren’t the only types of service a Hyundai will ever need, but they’re certainly two of the most common. If you live in the Chicago area, you can feel comfortable bringing your Hyundai vehicle to World Hyundai Matteson whether you need a simple oil change, Hyundai brake service or something more complex.

World Hyundai Matteson is conveniently located in the Matteson Auto Mall, at the intersection of I-57 and US Route 30 (Lincoln Highway). This dealership has built a stellar reputation for its aggressive pricing policy and for delivering an unsurpassed customer experience.
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The Service is Sublime at World Hyundai Matteson

World Hyundai Matteson, located in the Matteson Auto Mall at the intersection of I-57 and US Route 30 (Lincoln Highway), is the Chicago area’s leading Hyundai dealer. There are a lot of reasons why, but one of the most important is the way World Hyundai Matteson puts its customers first. Another big reason is the dealership’s pricing policy – it’s aggressive and prices at World Hyundai Matteson are consistently low. You’ll find the lowest prices possible on an extensive selection of new and used vehicles. And, the same low-price policy applies to all the service, maintenance and repair work performed by the dealership’s service department.

The staff at World Hyundai Matteson works hard at giving car buyers and service customers exactly what they need, and they do it in a friendly, helpful, no-hassle way. That’s why this particular Hyundai dealership is receiving so many accolades for superior customer service.
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